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Wall of Mayor's at Mt. Olive Township

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Hanging in the Mt. Olive Township Municipal building outside the Administration Office the Historical Society has a historic display of all Mayors that served Mt. Olive Township.  The project started in 2006 and will be an ongoing search for photos to add to the display. Thea Dunkle has collected, reproduced and framed (Song Art Gallary) and written bio's on all the Mayors that are currently displayed. To date 25 men are displayed. 

The society is in search of any information and photos on the following Mayors: Benjamin A. Howell (1886, 1891,1892), George Smith (1887-1890), T. J. Clifts (1893-1894), Stewart Ayers McPeak (1895) Jacob Wack (1896), Mahlon K. Tharp (1900-1901), Watson McPeek (1903-1904, 1916-1919), W. H. Shark (1905), George Nelson Salmon (1906, 1910, 1911), Lewis McTeel (1907), George Dorland (1908-1909), John Edward Smith (1920), Aaron Charles Stephens (1921), Daniel Abel (1922-1923), Charles P. Hopkins (1926), Mr. Laebe (1927), George Nelson Salmon (1928-1929), Seath McBride (1945), Harry Metzler (1948), John E. Lonergan (1949),  George Dakis (1963), Robert Poyer, 1968) If you have knowledge of these men, relatives, or photos please contact Thea Dunkle at 862-432-0460 or  Please stop by and see the display.